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TPE Financial Takeover - Not For The Faint Of Heart

Have you played in findom but have yet to really push yourself to the fullest?

It's one thing to send a tribute here and there to the Goddess of your choice, but it's a whole other experience giving up control completely and having a young hot Mistress manage all your income and savings. Budgeting your life so that you can better serve Me and my desires, living simply so that I can live in luxury. The ultimate power exchange.

If reading that has your dick twitching, it's time to invest fully into this lifestyle. The more your resist, the unhappier you become, it's not hard to see what it is that's missing - a strong female presence and the dominance you crave.

If I've managed to describe you in this classified, then let's discuss specifics & get you started on your brand new path of bliss and servitude/submission...

My messages are open and my tribute methods aplenty.

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