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The Perfect D/s Day Cont’

So, we’ve had an enjoyably kinky day out but now it’s time to have some naughty night time amusement..

As we arrive home from the restaurant, I tell you to park the car and wait for you to open my door and kneel as I emerge from the vehicle. I give you two pats on the head and make my way inside, you follow in my foot steps but keep a respectful few feet behind. I tell you to go and pour me a drink while I freshen up and leave you to go and change into something more comfortable..

As you finish mixing drinks, I walk into the living room & you look up to see a stunning leather clad Goddess in 6 inch heels and thigh highs welding a crop and you can’t help but let your jaw drop and your stomach sink all the way into your balls. You take a big swallow as I make my way across the carpet and delicately grab the martini glass from the table in front of you. Taking a sip to wet my mouth, I then tell you to strip completely naked. You’re going to be my foot rest and table while I enjoy my drink, I explain. Already shaking, you follow my instructions and get butt naked. As you go to kneel, I tell you to come close and place a collar around your neck with a leash attached. Your heart beats loudly as I confidently clarify that you are to remain perfectly still for me as my foot stool, that you will not make a single peep, because furniture doesn’t talk back.

As you make your way to my feet and set yourself up as my stool, your cock is already beginning to throb. And that’s exactly how I leave you, as I drink my martini and relax my feet after a long day. Coming to the bottom of the glass, you notice my heels starting to dig into your back more and more. With every sip I take, the sharp point of my heel seems to dig deeper and deeper until you can’t help but mutter a tiny little whimper. Of which, I’ve been sadistically eager for.. and my eyes light up and my smile turns sideways as I let out a little purr and remind you that furniture is NOT allowed to talk back.

“Get up!” I demand. Dictating that you spread your legs and put both hands on top your head, I grab a spreader bar and lock your ankles in. You already have an idea on what’s coming, you can see it in the fire in my eyes, the look I get when I know I’m about to inflict pain, and I know exactly how much I’m going to enjoy it. We both go over safe words and I describe exactly what is about to happen. I’m making ground meat out of your balls, little foot stool, because you must learn that furniture never talks back.

I start slow with a couple soft fist bumps, and then a couple soft knees to the balls. Now for some real kicks, and of course some muffled grunts follow. “Don’t flinch.” The kicks get harder, your balls feel so sore and beaten. They’re looking so ripe and red I grab them with my freshly manicured hands and demand you to look me in the eyes as I slowly crush them in my palm. Such intense pressure, then nothing, then pressure, then I let go, then squeeze again over and over mixing in hard and soft clenches. All while staring you in the eyes, grinning and showing you exactly who’s in charge.

After I think you’ve learned your lesson plus some, it’s time to continue our little session. It’s time to take off those ankle shackles and put on your favorite cage. That’s right, we’re getting you nice and soft and locking that cock up. I tell you to sit down and head to the freezer for some ice. Not only will this get your cock nice and shriveled up but it may just soothe those bruised and beaten balls a bit. Once your fitted in your cage and snuggly locked away I think it’s time for a tease. You know how much I enjoy a good tease, especially when I know your cock is strained up against cool steel.

So I hike my skirt up and direct you to sit and stay, you watch as my hips sway back and forth, back and forth... almost hypnotizing. My skirt continues to rise as it begins to reveal my perfect plump derriere. Knowing just how eager you are to put your face between my soft round ass cheeks, especially once you see the soft lacy black panties riding high between my cheeks and delicately silhouetting my curvy figure as my skirt rises to my hips…


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