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The Perfect D/s Day

It begins with me awaking in the morning, with you ready at my door with a nice hot coffee and a chocolate chip muffin. I open the door and you of course are down on your knees awaiting me, for all my neighbours to see. I then allow you a quick kiss of my perfect soles and allow you to rise and enter. While I plug away at my coffee and message my other subs for the day - I’ll have ordered you to change into your sissy maid outfit, with chastity locked tight around your already swollen cock. Then you’ll have the pleasure of cleaning my place, dishes, sweeping, mopping, and whatever other menial household chores I shouldn’t ever have to lift a finger to do.

I might interrupt you a few times to mess with you. Make you bend over the kitchen counter,

and give you a couple few snaps with a wooden spoon on your aching ass cheeks. Or perhaps you’ll miss a spot while dusting and I make you lick a counter clean.

Once I’ve done my morning computer tinkering, it will be time to change back into your vanilla clothing, keeping the cage on of course and we’re ready to head out for the day!

Of course, you’ll be my chauffeur for the day, driving me around to each place. Our first stop is the salon! I want my nails and toes done, which means you get to go do some errands while I pamper myself. I’d order for an errand that doesn’t take up the entire time – just for a nice bottle of wine or something of the sorts. So that you still make it back for the very end of my pedicure, which you sit and watch like the pathetic caged horn dog you are as she finishes up by massaging my perfect size 9 soles. Once the nail tech is complete, I’ll snap my fingers at the cash register which is your que to step forward and pay.

Once all pampered and relaxed, it’s now time for a quick little shopping spree. So we head to the mall. You are to remain close enough to hear my every command but always remaining behind my every step. You get to be my personal handbag, carrying all my things and new purchases. All of which you’ve paid for of course, holding all the luxury brand shopping bags and being my obedient wallet. As I continue fucking with your mind and wallet we make our way around the mall, after which my gorgeous feet are just aching to be rubbed. So we sit down and I have you kneel to unbuckle my strap on heels. As you pull my shoes from my soles, I tell you to get nice and close and take a long wiff just before you start your massage.

After I’m satisfied with your handy work, it’s time to head out for a bite to eat.

Although it’s a privilege to even treat me to a nice dinner, the fun doesn’t end there. I tell you

to go to the washroom and slip in the remote controlled butt plug I brought with me. Then,

once I confirm your chastity is nice and tight and your butt plug is in, it’s time to eat! Of course, you’ll be rather distracted while I enjoy my meal. You’ll have my pointed heel sinking into your ballsack just under the table. All the while I’m paying with your butt plug settings, turning it off and on, high and low intensity, knowing just how hard that cage is around your cock makes everything taste so much better.

After dinner, it’s time to head back home for drinks and some night time amusement…


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