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The Chronicles of Mistress Shawna: An Erotic Short Story

What have I done?!” a flash of heat seems to rush to my head and into the pit of my stomach. Everything is black, not a single stream of light can protrude the mask that Mistress has placed over my eyes. I can feel the drool starting to collect around the ball gag shoved into my mouth, as it begins to drip onto the concrete floor where I am tied limb from limb and chained on my knees.

You’re completely trapped... No way out...” my mind seems to race as I try to quietly listen for any indication that Mistress is nearby. All I can hear is silence, a wave of anxiety seems to overcome me as I start to shift, side to side, unable to get any real movement with the spreader bar cuffed to my ankles and the rope and chains tying my arms up and by my side. Panic begins to set in, my breathing begins to speed up as I wrangle and struggle with my restraints.

Then out of what seems like nowhere I hear Mistresses voice whisper softly in my ear “Breathe pet.”

The comfort is almost instant, as I focus slowly on my breathing, in and out, in and out. I can’t help but compare myself to a dog when I hear Goddess’ high heels click against the floor in front of me and my ears almost instantly seem to prick up like a canine. I can hear her circling me, high heels clicking with each step, almost like a hawk or predator hunting their prey before they pounce. She continues to circle as I get my breathing under control, only then does she let a low humming sounds of approval followed by “Much better.”

“Now,” She says as she removes my ball gag, “Do you remember your safe word?”

“Yes Mistress,” I answer, while trying to swallow the spit overflowing in my mouth, “It’s RED.”

“Very good,” She says as she gently trails her leather flogger along my upper body as she walks around me again and again, teasing me with the thought of her flogger across my skin. “We’re going to start slow and work our way up, when you feel as though you can’t take any more, you are to use your safe word. Understood?”

“Yes Goddess” I reply with anticipation, very familiar with the sweet release of flogger against skin.

I feel her hand on the back of my head pushing my face closer to the ground until my arms are tightly spread up, out and slightly behind me, bending me over and exposing my back. I find myself tensing my body in anticipation, but she just giggles and trails her long, painted fingernails along my back in waves. “Eager for my sweet pain pet?” And even though I can’t see anything, I know she’s speaking with a smug, sexy grin on her face, that sadistic look that makes me melt. I nod and she chuckles, digging her nails in deeper until I let out a small wince.

“Tut tut tut,” she says diabolically, “you know flinching just makes me want to go harder.”

SMACK! A stinging sensation instantly hits my upper back, I can’t help but let out a small, muffled moan, which I instantly regret the moment the second whip hits, knowing my noises arouse Goddess to go harder. I can almost feel each individual strand of the flogger where it impacted my back, still stinging with each strike. She hits me 8 more times, each increasing in strength compared to the last. My upper back begins to feel hot with the lashes expelling heat into the cool air around me. I feel her hand come out and softly caress my thrashes, seemingly easing the pain just a little, almost spreading it out along my upper back like butter instead of hot cuts. Soon, I hear her jingle with what sounds like a key and feel her unlocking the cuffs on my ankles and removing the spreader bar.

She only gives me one command: “Stay”. She makes her way to the front of me, and places one hand on my chin, turning my face upwards. She lightly removes the blindfold and while my eyes adjust to the brightness, I find myself looking up at her perfection. She seems to tower over me in her black, shiny pleaser heels, her long luscious legs clad in fishnet. I note she’s holding a crop now instead of the tool used to flog me. Her skirt is short and has me wishing I could just get the tiniest glimpse or whiff of her glorious ass. The top she has on is low cut, and I can’t help but stiffen when I see my chastity keys hanging around her neck and glistening in her cleavage. My cock of course is met with hard steel containment and an ache deep in my balls seems to begin. I swear Mistress can sense it because she gives a sly smile and her manicured hands reach for the necklace chain tauntingly jingling it for my acknowledgment.

“Stand up.” She demands, pointing at me. With my arms still spread and chained up I find my balance and begin to rise onto my feet. It feels good to stand and stretch out my limbs if even for a moment before more strenuous torcher. My back has begun to stop stinging and has left a sore ache instead, a feeling that I’ll relish in for the rest of the day and into tomorrow. “Spread your legs.” She says and I obey. She takes a few steps closer and places the tip of her crop low, until it’s caressing the bottom of my balls, holding them and pressing into them slightly, creating even more pressure in my cage.

“We both know who owns this cock and these balls don’t we?” She asks.

“Yes Goddess.” I answer.

“And who may that be?” She counters.

“You own them Goddess.”

She lights up with a smile, “That’s right,” she says “and precisely why I wear this key. This key symbolizes that control and power I have over you, the true nature of your existence but most importantly it symbolizes ownership. Legally, ownership means the right of possessing something and as my possession I can actively do what I want with you, you’re nothing more then a toy, a pet, a plaything.”

I find my cock growing harder and harder with each word she speaks, the pain against my cage increasing rapidly.

“But you like being my plaything don’t you, in fact, I’m pretty sure you’re starting to throb for it – aren’t you?”

Her question catches me off guard because all of my brain power seems to be heading straight for my cock with the excitement of it all. A quick pause and I mutter “Yes Goddess.”

“What was that?!” She sternly replies and gives my balls a quick tap with her crop, enough to send a shock through my entire body, “YES GODDESS!” I audibly answer this time with much more diction.

She lets out a low rumbling laugh, “much better.” She says, “Let’s see how many of these you can take hmmm?” She taps the crop gently against my balls. “If you make it to 10, I just might let you out of your cage for a cum.”

Well that peaked my attention! It’s been weeks since Goddess has allowed any sort of orgasm or release and my balls are feeling full and just like that, I start leaking cum. A pre-cum droplet drips off the tip of my dick and onto the floor. I pray she doesn’t notice it because I know in the back of my head that she will use my weakness to make me suffer more.

“Think you can manage that?” She asks.

I nod. “Here we go.” And just like that she brings the crop down and up, swiftly hitting my testicles with a loud SMACK! The feeling shoots straight into my gut making heel over.

Another laugh from Mistress, “Oh come now, that was only number one, surely you’re not going to tap out so easily.” I straighten my posture. “Two!” she squeals with delight before giving my nards a hard second smack. This time though, I manage to keep my posture-just. Three and four go the same, but then I see her brow furrow and her gaze stick on the floor just in front of me. “What’s this?” She asks, in a disapproving tone. Taking her crop away from my cage and throbbing, red balls she uses it to point at a spot on the floor. Shit. I think to myself, of course she had to find the pre-leak. “Have you been enjoying yourself just a little too much?” she continues in a sarcastic tone. “Well, we can’t have that now. You know good boys EARN their orgasms.” She steps forward and kicks my leg outwards further, opening my legs and exposing myself even more. “These next few are going to separate the men from the boys. Ready?” she asks. I wince and nod my head reluctantly knowing what type of ball busting abuse she has in store with these next few crop hits. Each hit and her eyes seem to light up with pleasure as I moan and wince and whimper in pain. Knowing the enjoyment she feels keeps me stiff even through the pain staking hits to my nuts. I can’t help but be aroused when she has that look of power and discipline in her eyes, it makes me feel so small but brings me warmth and comfort all at the same time.

I barely make it to ten without invoking my safe word, but I manage to if only for the pleasure that has been teased to follow. Goddess Shawna takes a few steps backwards “Not bad.” She says, “I really didn’t think you were going to make it to ten.” She takes her crop and brings the tip towards herself and starts stroking it across her cleavage, back and forth, back and forth, “but then,” she continues, “I think I know exactly why you managed to endure such pain for me today.” She expertly moves the crop tip under her chin teasing me and licking her lips. Her hips sway and I find myself growing fully hard against my cage yet again. She moves beside me and begins to untie my wrists from this chained and roped contraption of her creation.

“Now when I untie you, I want you to get down on your knees again, with your arms and hands by your side. Since you’ve been so good with your lashes today, I’m going to reward you with a nice little ass worship” My dick twitches - hard. “You may not move your hands from your side, this will be only your face, understood?”

“Yes Goddess.” I reply eagerly. She finishes untying my ropes and I kneel at her feet, my arms pressed tightly by my sides.

She bends over slightly and lifts her skirt just the smallest amount that I get a flash of black silky, satin panties and the bottom of one big, juicy ass cheek. A driblet of pre-cum falls from the tip of my cock and hits the ground not far from the first one that costed me the ability to sit on my balls for the next few days. A giggle manages to escape from her glossed lips and instantly makes it feel as though my brain is melting away, and I’m turning into a big puddle of ooze. She knows how badly I strain when she teases me like this and the fact of that just makes it so much hotter.

She turns around, bends down and grabs my cage, cock and balls all in one splayed out hand, she takes the other and grabs the key hanging around her neck and lifts it up over her head. “I think this is why I didn’t hear a safe word today.” She grabs the keys with her thumb and index finger and with the other hand drops by balls to hold my cage more securely. She slides the key into the lock and with a tiny twist, the cage clicks open and she slides it off revealing my rock hard cock. More sensual chuckles as she rises and walks over to the table to place my cage down. My cock is pulsing at this point and bouncing up and down just slightly as she makes her way back in front of me, she turns around, her back to me.

I let out a full blown moan as she lifts her skirt completely showing me her ass and the cheeky cut, silk panties hiding in between diamonds of fishnet stockings. She takes a step back, even closer to me, turns her head back to look at me and with a slick grin, beckons me closer with her finger. I take a deep breath in, knowing that I’ll likely need it when wedged between her two round ass cheeks. As my face begins to close in on touching her, she grabs the back of my head and forces my nose deep into the crack of her ass. My cock is full on throbbing to the beat of my heart and the feeling of pressure between my balls and no oxygen to my head, has me feeling like I am blissfully high. What a rush! I can’t help but leak another couple dribbles of cum as I take the chance of breathing out so that I can get even one small whiff of Goddess’ scents. The struggle for air stuffed in her ass makes the torture that much sweeter as I begin to recognize that subtle smell of Mistress’s most sacred places. Another moan, but this one is stifled and subdued into humming vibrations against her skin.

She obviously hears and feels it because she shifts a little bit and lets my head go, then begins clenching and unclenching her glutes, hitting the sides of my head and squeezing. Clench, unclench, clench, unclench until it feels as though my brain is being rocked back and forth in my head. Between the fact that I’m nose deep in Goddess’s derrière and her ass wracking my very being, I feel as if I’m in a daze. A blissful, hazy, daze, in this tiny corner in the world where it’s just myself and Goddess, pain and pleasure. She steps forward, releasing my face from being glued to her cheeks and I take a few deep breathes, attempting to regain my poise. I thank my lucky stars that I am kneeling right now because I can tell my legs would likely give out on me seeing how much she makes me weak in the knees.

She turns back around to face me, that sadistic glint shining in her eyes. It truly takes my breath away to see her like this; with such strong authority and power coursing through her veins and a touch of grace that seems to come so naturally. Another drop of pre-cum manages to escape. She immediately looks down and that wicked grin makes its appearance yet again. Uh-oh.

“Well, look at what a mess you made here.” She shakes her head disapprovingly. “This puddle could pass as a full fledged load…” She runs her finger across the concrete floor, scooping up a little less then half of the pre-cum puddle with her index and middle finger. “Open up.” She demands, gesturing to my mouth. I immediately obey and she places her two fingers onto my tongue as salty creamy flavours start to hit my taste pallet. She says only one more word; “Suck.” I do.

The taste is familiar by now, seeing as Mistress rarely allows cum to go un-swallowed. I suck it all back and swallow like a well trained pet. She pulls her fingers and hand away. “And now, the floor. You’re going to lick it clean.” I nod and stick out my tongue for Mistress to clearly see as I bend towards the floor. Feeling like nothing more then a well-trained dog for Goddess’ amusement, I lap up what’s left of the cum puddle.

“Let’s see,” she grabs the bottom of my chin and I open my mouth so that she can inspect that I’ve done an acceptable job. “Seeing as you managed you practically squirt your load without cumming – I don’t really see any reason to allow you an orgasm today.” I close my eyes for a brief moment and let the disappointment sink in, but when I open them, my only thoughts are of gratefulness and humility, that she has even allowed me the privilege of this memory. The experience of her presence after all, is what moves my world.

Until next time…

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