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*NEW SITE FEATURES* Buy Audios & Extras!!

I have recently upgraded this website so that I can actually accept tributes and list items for sale straight from my site! This means that you can now purchase Audios, Contracts, Tributes, Tasks and Extra's on

The benefit of this is that all profits go straight to me (versus a 30% cut on clip sites) and it also makes sending tributes all over the world possible as We now accept all major credit card companies, as well as Paypal. This also includes discrete statement descriptions for you sneaky, homewrecking hand humpers, so no worries if wifey notices the charge. I am hoping this added feature will be beneficial for my profits as well as ease of access to my content for you! I highly suggest you give it a try, even if it's just a sexy little $25 tribute.

I will be continuing to add more content throughout the month and will be proactive in dropping anything new I come out with here as well, this website will be the preferred place to purchase any audios/extras going forward!

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