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Goddess Shawna: Forced-Bi Interview [Manipulatrix Exclusive]

Hello, everybody, and welcome to another edition of Forced-Bi Interviews! Today, we welcome a devious and beguiling practitioner!

Hi! And… thanks for doing this!

Why don’t you please run through the “basics” with us: how do you like to be addressed, etc.?

My name is Shawna Night, but my submissives call me ‘Goddess Shawna,’ ‘Queen,’ ‘Mistress,’ ‘Daddy,’ or ‘Manipulatrix.’

“Manipulatrix! I like that a lot! I’m a sucker for neologisms!

Although I consider myself an Alpha, Brat, Domme and Sadist as well as many other adjectives, I simply keep my prefix options limited for my subs, as it is just another way they show their commitment to Me and My preferences.

Very understandable.

So, how much of your time does this take up? Is it an occupation, a pastime, …something else?

I am a full-time Dominatrix and FinDomme, and I live the life 24/7.

Right on! So a little bit of a combination.

I have been so lucky that I have had the opportunity to do for a living what I am most passionate about.


They say that ‘if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life,’ and that has been my experience for just over a year now.

I’m sure a lot of people are envious!

When did you finally achieve this success?

Prior to fully committing to Femdom as a career, I did it part time – on the side, since 2015.

The majority of my part time was mostly online. Although I did do some real-time sessions and meets, at that point in my career, it was definitely more online focused.

Now, I enjoy a healthy combination of both, although covid-19 has definitely put a damper on face-to-face encounters for the time being.


My in-person sessions are always hosted at a local dungeon, which I rent out. Sometimes I allow social sessions as well, which take place in public, usually shopping, or a trip to the spa, dinner out etc.

Right on. Like meet-and-greets?

Well…very cool!

So, you seem business oriented. Is that your primary drive? Making money? Or… do you get pleasure from this as well?

I consider this my career and, as such, I expect to be compensated for my time. Having said that, I get immense amounts of pleasure out of sessions too. The exchange of power never ceases to get me hot and bothered.

Oh, mercy! Speaking of “hot and bothered,” is anyone else feeling warm in here??? Ha!

For curious readers… anything else you feel like sharing about yourself? From a personal standpoint, I mean…

Well, I just turned 26 in May…

Oh! Well, belated “happy birthday” to you!

…I am bisexual and currently in a relationship.


I love animals and have two cats and two dogs.

I’m also an avid art lover and enjoy drawing. Recently, I started taking up tattooing.

Some people incorporate that into Femdom sessions, I’ve heard!

I have a masters in neuropsychology and enjoy reading on the subject in my spare time as well.

“Spare time” What’s that? 😛

I do pole fitness to keep moving and will never say ‘no’ to a volleyball game.

I’m definitely a food lover and will bake circles around you.

Ha! I love it!

Thank you so much for that!

All of that paints a complicated picture, for sure!

So, let me ask this… do you think that “true” bisexuality is possible? I mean, realistically, can an individual be more or less equally attracted to both females and males? Or does a person usually “fall off” more on one side than the other?

It’s absolutely possible – not to say it works out 50/50 with each individual.


And… you mentioned that your fetish work, in general, is a blend of career and lifestyle… what about Forced Bi, specifically? Do you just put up with it because submissives are into it? Or does it resonate with you on a deeper level?

I believe ‘Forced-Bi’ means different things for different people. For some, it’s a segue to a lifestyle; for others, it’s an indulgence in humiliation. It really depends on the mindset of the sub and what kind of urge they are looking to satisfy.

Very true.

Do you see it primarily in terms of male submission, male and female submission, both, or neither?

In my experience, Forced-Bi has been a fetish that is sought out primarily by males. However, I think this fetish is just as enjoyable for women as well who are interested in exploring their sexualities and preferences.

All right, let me ask you about a little touchier topic. Within the confines of all applicable and governing laws… just how forced is “forced”?

‘Forced’ is definitely an intimidating word. There are many tactics I use depending on what type of submissive I am playing with. Sometimes, it’s more like a soft encouraging whisper; other times it’s harsh verbal humiliation, with a threatening scold; perhaps even just a blur of tantalizing hypno, ‘goon-bot’ bliss.

Lol! I give “hypno, goon bot” the phrase-of-the-day award! That’s amazing!

In your opinion, especially given your neuroscientific background, what’s “going on” with Forced Bi? I mean, does a guy’s sexual orientation actually get altered?

Some guys who approach me might be latent homosexuals. But, I don’t think all guys of them are.

But I also don’t think that I change anyone’s sexuality. Forced Bi has many different flavors.

Is it possible for a sub to “switch hit”? …to be equally comfortable topping as well as bottoming?

Sure; why not?

And what about this… what do you think about seeing two males together, sexually? Does it have less appeal for you than watching other sorts of encounter? More appeal? Something else?

I personally enjoy porn no matter the gender included. I’ve always been, and will always remain, attracted to people for who they are, not who they are labelled as. For that reason, I watch a variety of porn ‘groups.’

I gotcha…

So, by extension, with respect to your personal attraction to a person, a guy being bisexual has…

Sexuality has no effect on attraction for Me.

Right on.

Is all of this Forced-Bi play “healthy” for a sub? In the sense of his psychology and overall “flourishing,” I mean. I think I can probably predict your reply, here, but… What do you say?

It’s quite neutral, and really depends on the outlook and reasoning behind why the submissive is seeking it out.

Psychology is nuanced!

As a Dominatrix, it’s important to ask yourself the ‘whys.’ Oftentimes, it will be those answers that tell you the ‘legitimacy’ of said submissive.

“Legitimacy,” you say?

You can tell who is searching for toxic femininity, and who is there looking for a genuine experience.


Most times, it’s a healthy exploration of sexuality and kink.

Okay! Now, for the moment lots of readers wait for – or scroll down to!

What homosexual activities do you like ordering, watching, etc.?



As if readers weren’t hoping that would be the answer!

From beginners, to full-fledged sluts, I love ordering any sort of Forced-Bi task.


Any that get you going in particular?

Anal and throat training are some of my favourites – along with CEI.[1]

Here’s one that I’ve recently been asking about… Do you think that Forced Bi is getting more popular?

I think the education and communication about sexuality and gender roles has grown significantly these past few years and will only continue to become more normalized.

Creating a conversation in every household is important, and we are seeing it more and more, which will likely allow more young adults to experiment and explore without being shackled to societal norms.

Which do you prefer, having guys in dedicated roles, or having both guys being plastic enough to perform in any role you want?

I generally cast my play partners in their set roles – further training them to be what I desire.

Of course!

And… are you aroused by Forced Bi, or just amused by it?

I find many acts both arousing and entertaining.

Humiliation is one of my favourite fetishes, so including that in forced play can be extremely amusing for me as well as pleasurable.

My power and control – no matter the fetish – gets me going.

Why am I not surprised?? Lol!

How, um… habit forming is all of this?

Do you think that a guy can “just try” sucking cock or getting assfucked and then quit?

Of course! How are you going to know if something is right for you if you don’t try?! I am all for experimentation, as it’s a healthy way to learn about yourself.

That doesn’t mean it will work out every single time.

And what do you find yourself doing, mostly? Just engaging in a bit of fantasy chat? Or…encouraging guys to get down and dirty, for realsies?

I have experience with both fantasy play and encouraging real life encounters -everything from dildo gagging over-the-phone, to setting up face-to-face glory-hole dates.

“Dates”?! Lolz! Nice!

How “involved” are you?

I mean… are you just Tweeting out instructions and leaving it up to the imagination – or the sub’s dedication – whether anything happens or not? Are you requesting pics and video? Are you actually orchestrating in-person dirtiness? Some combo?

I find the more involved I am, the more enjoyable it is!

Watching you complete my tasks is always fun. Being there in person, while I shove your face down the shaft of a cock? Even better!

Oh, my!! I think I forgot the next question!

Note to readers: If you have to, think about taking a cold shower!

But, seriously… What is your biggest turn on?

It really comes down to power exchange. The fact that he or she is freely handing over control…? It makes butterflies flutter in my stomach and my hoo-ha tingle, every time.

Hoo-ha! I love it; so colorful! You’re a breath of fresh air!

Let me touch on limits, for a second – no pun intended!

My hard limits are scat, full nudity, race play and blood.

Barebacking – or guys having sex without condoms – is limit for some Mistresses. What do you say about that?

I will never order bareback as a task. However, it is the responsibility of the men or women involved to make that decision and be safe regarding it.

Roger that.

So… say just a word or two, if you will, about your point of view concerning the risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or infections (STIs).

Stay clean; get tested; and be smart with your play partners!

Quite sensible.

Winding down, now… how do you feel about married men?

I am actually a Dominatrix who loves home wrecking as a fetish. So, married men and women are more than welcome to approach.

Not uncommon, I’m finding!

How do you feel about amyl-nitrite inhalers (so-called “poppers”)?

Although I only have limited experience with poppers, I do find that they have a helpful use. Making subs much more pliable and open to suggestion, poppers allow them to let go of their inhibitions a little and focus on the pleasure versus the nerves.

I can definitely see that – of course, for subs who don’t have underlying medical concerns and in compliance with any relevant laws. certainly does not advocate, condone, or suggest using poppers! Just to throw that disclaimer in there!

Can a guy get “addicted” to gay sex? …to getting assfucked? What say you?

I don’t have much of a concern for this as, if this were to the case, I would have a strong feeling they would likely walk down that path regardless of my involvement.

Last, but not least… what other fetishes do you like and, of course, where can interested subs go to find you?

Some of my favourite kinks are: Financial Domination, Femdom, Humiliation, Mental Domination, Sissification, SPH,[2] Bondage, Key Holding, TPE,[3] Body Worship, Cuckolding, Tease and Denial, Pegging, CBT,[4] Homewrecking, BM,[5] Impact Play, Sensory Deprivation and, of course, Forced-Bi.

Visit my website:

Follow me on Twitter: @GoddessShawnaa

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Awesome! Thank you so much!

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