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Financial Domination – The Versatile Dynamic.

While I know there are many people in the community that understand findom and the power exchange behind it, I also know there are too many that don’t. Mind you, kink can mean different things to different people, this entry is my personal outlook and experience with the fetish.

Like many femdom oriented kinks, I find the break down to findom very similar, all about power exchange. Money is solid, something that you can hold in your hands, not a pointless promise, or useless devotions, but an actual real life representation of power. That’s ultimately what money is, is it not? It buys comfort, the ability to pay for whatever whim is desired, it is a gift.

Is it just about the money? Of course not! Have you not been reading? I find it absolutely insulting when subs assume it is only their cash that I’m after. Although it is a little misleading because it’s not necessarily the material item, but what that material item represents. The ability to bend to my wishes and present something that proves your devotions more solidly then any other non-physical representation. It’s the ultimate sacrifice.

It can mean SO many things too, it’s extremely versatile and another reason why it’s my favourite fetish. It allows for a very degrading dynamic if that’s what I so wish it to be. Perhaps our dynamic will be harsh and humiliating. I’ll only ever call you by what you truly are, a pathetic beta loser who’s only purpose is his wallet. A useless piece of flesh that can’t be trusted to make his own choices because he’s too much of a horny nit wit. So instead, you send what you make to me, because that’s the only female attention a cunt like you deserves!

Or maybe it’s much more sensual, and soft.. using cash as a means of monetary worship. Romanticizing me in cash. Believe it or not, money actually does turn me on. Receiving a tribute is a sexual experience for Me, also why I find it so enjoyable and intimate. This is the one sexual act that I allow my subs to truly sexually please me. A gift in itself really, which is exactly how you should see it. Submission is putting your Dominant first, and pleasing me, especially sexually, is one of the greatest gifts I could give you. Allowing you the pleasure of pleasing. It’s dual purpose and among my favourite findom dynamics.

Let’s get darker again.. What if I used findom as a homewrecking dynamic? Every time you spend on your girlfriend or wife, I command you to send me double. Using findom as a leveler, ensuring that even though you may spend your time and energy on your girlfriend or wife, I know you spend double that on Me. It allows for a subliminal hierarchy in your mind – Goddess Shawna comes first, Goddess Shawna deserves the most.

And then there is the ultimate financial domination dynamic, TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE. Now this dynamic is not a fetish or fantasy, but instead it is a lifestyle. This is the pièce de résistance, because this is when a Domme takes absolute and total control over your entire being. Everything from what you wear, to everyday decisions, to managing your banking and spending. Now this takes a very particular type of sub, I’ve come across many subs claiming they want TPE, but most crack when they realize the commitment and expectations required to truly experience this fetish. It demands absolute trust and will not last if the sub can’t manage to hand over all control freely, a task that is more difficult then it sounds. This is one of the truest forms of servitude, but also the most intensive and life changing.

Needless to say, Findom is a fetish that I enjoy for many reasons and it is so extremely versatile that even if it isn’t included in your fetish preferences, allows for so many integrations. So why don’t W/we get started with a dynamic of our own…

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