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EVERY Tribute Counts

I’ve come across many subs recently that wish to serve me but are concerned that they don’t have the funds to properly satisfy me. Don’t get me wrong here, I LOVE my large triple & quadruple digit tributes just as much as any other Findomme, but even small tributes have their place.

In my time as a FinDomme I’ve taken on many different subs & slaves all of different ages and budgets. It’s important to discuss income and be honest with your Mistress so that the two of you can have an understanding of what type of spending may be reasonable in your situation. It is the Domme’s responsibility to ensure you're still capable of living with what she has left you, something which you must entrust in her. Nothing is more useless then an absolute ruin for a sub, it’s in both my interest as well as my subs that I do not leave you absolutely broke and incapable of survival.

In my opinion, even small tributes are appreciated. Not everyone can afford to send a $1000 tribute and that’s okay! Giving what you can to your Goddess is what proves you’re loyalty to her. Sacrifice and dedication go a long way in my books and ANY submissive is capable of that. Consistency also plays a HUGE role in this as well, if you are consistent in sending her smaller amounts every day or week, she will know that you are devoted and at least TRYING to satisfy her in some way. Nothing is ever truly enough for a Findomme like myself, so it’s better to send what you can and show your devotion rather than neglecting your Domme completely.

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