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Domme Addiction Interview: Goddess Shawna – Manipulatrix of Men

slaveboysmith: She is Your Wildest Dream & Darkest Nightmare, and today’s feature Domme, Goddess Shawna, loves having her slaves in compromising positions and manipulating them to her wishes. Welcome to DA, Goddess, and thank you for the privilege of kneeling before you for this interview.

Goddess Shawna: You’re very welcome, and thank you for having me!

sbs: It’s a privilege to kneel before such a perfect Manipulatrix! Let me begin by asking you to share a little of what it was that brought you to the world of Femdom, your experiences to this point, and how you’ve become the Domme I kneel before today. Have you always known the power you hold over others?

GS: Being openly dominant has always come very naturally to me, both in every day life as well as relationships. I always did have a way with people, getting them to open up, doing what I want, fawning over me, and that soon became a fascination in psychology and the human brain – which plays a large roll in my Femdom business today!

As a young adult, I enjoyed many parts of BDSM and in 2014 I discovered the world of Femdom and Financial Domination, the aspects of which I fell in love with instantly! From there, I read as much as I could, became a member of many online communities and started exploring Femdom play parties and seminars. It’s been six years now and I’ve never stopped growing and learning as a Domme, and it will be a year and a half soon of my commitment in Femdom/FinDomme as a full-time career.

sbs: Can you describe how it feels when you have a submissive eager to please and obey your every command? How does it feel to hold that kind of power over another person?

GS: It is absolutely INVIGORATING! Playing with power dynamics is the backbone to many fetishes and the reason why I tend to find them so exciting. When a power exchange occurs like this, it is not only a mental turn on but also physical for me. It’s a special kind of bond when someone trusts you enough to give up all resistance and succumb to absolute submission. Knowing I have their trust and hold control over them is both a rush and sobering at the same time because although I’m capable of demanding what I wish, it’s also a responsibility to ensure their well-being. Having a truly selfless sub though, is one of the greatest gifts of this world and something that I treasure deeply with the few that have had the privilege.

sbs: Are there particular fetishes you enjoy most, and does that vary depending on the situation of your session, especially online vs real time?

GS: I definitely have my preferences and it does tend to vary depending on the dynamic as well as whether it is real time or online. With my online play I tend to focus more on Findom, humiliation sessions, tease and denial, CEI, & body worship to name a few. Some of my favourite fetishes to play with in real time include impact play, chastity/orgasm control, CBT/ballbusting, sissification, bondage, etc. Generally a lot of what isn’t possible over cam/online.

sbs: Is it only male submissives who serve you, or do you also have female submissives, be it online or real time? Is there a difference in how you train each and the types of sessions you experience?

GS: I definitely have more male submissives who approach versus female but I have experience with both! I tend to make my training well rounded no matter the gender identity of my submissive, focusing on selfless devotion, communication, and power exchange.

sbs: Is your dominance of submissives both real time and online at a distance? Do you prefer one over the other? How have you had to adapt given the recent limits put on real time sessions with the pandemic?

GS: I’ve definitely had to create new safety protocols regarding real time and COVID. During the high of the pandemic, I was not accepting meets at all and relied solely on online play. Otherwise, I was only meeting with trusted subs or only incorporating play with distance measures. This has definitely let my creativity run wild as you have to be innovative in the way you try and incorporate kink at 6 feet!

sbs: For those unable to, or just not ready to visit you in person for a session, what type of online/distance training options do you offer so that slaves around the world can worship and serve you, Goddess Shawna?

GS: I offer Skype cam and chat sessions as well as use TeamViewer for remote computer play as well! I’m also active in my clip production and subscription sites so there is more then enough Shawnaholic content to binge on and worship even if it isn’t in person.

sbs: Shawnaholic…I like that. I’m sure we’re triggering a few with this interview. Of the clips you’ve already produced, is there one you would demand that anyone reading this buy immediately? This will surely begin their descent into becoming the next addict for you?

GS: Absolutely! I have my “Shawnaholic Series”. It’s a three part series that begins with a mesmerizing goon, then mantras and finally, full power exchange. It’s a great intro clip series for anyone looking to begin their journey of submission to me.

sbs: Those do sound enticing and sure to lead to more purchases. For those reading this article, eager to submit and serve you, what advice might you offer them in approaching you?

GS: Humility and respect. Those are two essential components of approaching, you only get one chance to make a good first impression after all! I expect all potential submissives to fulfill my Findom fetish first and foremost so tribute is required. I also appreciate a well worded greeting with a short overview of how you intend on serving. Submissives must list their kink preferences and hard limits so I know whether or not we will be compatible.

sbs: Thank you so much for the privilege of this interview today Goddess Shawna. If we were conducting this interview in person, me kneeling before you, how might such an interview conclude?

GS: You’re very welcome, thanking me whilst on your knees is the perfect conclusion to this interview. You may now be dismissed

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