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AVN Tips and Tricks

AVN is my favorite subscription site as a content creator! They offer an 80/20 rev share, on demand payouts (min $25 ONLY!), and is SW friendly!! If you haven't signed up yet, use my referral link & I'd be happy to do some free promo for you once your profile is made:

Below are just a few tips and tricks that I’ve found to work on the AVN Stars platform:

1. Fill out your profile COMPLETELY – that means connect your twitter, add a detailed bio, profile picture and header (profile pictures can be moving gifs!), add links and premium snapchat if you offer one, ect.

2. PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE! – Now that your profile is live, make sure you promote your page on any platform you’re part off. Twitter being a great marketing platform, Reddit also has a fair amount of fetish/SW traffic, as well as any other sites you are part of. If you are making the move over from Onlyfans, a great way to bring your customer base over is to provide them with a free month trial. Free trials are unlimited and can be generated through your profile.

Another great way to promote your account is by running campaigns throughout the year. You can do this by running sales for certain time frames and promoting subscriptions at discount OR by running “free trial” promos on twitter (or any other platform) such as this to help boost your viability.

Networking with other models is a great way to cross promote as well. Try and reach out to models that are interested in swapping shoutouts! Promo for promo is a great and FREE way to gain interest and views to your profile. Your best bet when starting out is to find other profiles similar to your niche seeing as you want to market your profile to the suitable audience. So if you’re a camgirl, cross promoting with fellow cam girls is your best market. Same thing with fetish content or Findom. One you have a customer basis for your MAIN consumer market, that’s when you can start reaching out and possibly providing other content to appeal to multiple niches.

3. Use the functions available to you to start traffic on your profile! AVN allows both “followers” and “subscribers”, followers can follow your profile for free and view only the content you deem “free”. Subscribers pay your monthly subscription prices and have access to all your content. AVN has the great option for posting “free” posts (pictures, videos and messages) that can be seen by anyone who follows but is not paying your subscription price, this is a great method to use for marketing! Think of it as a twitter attached to your subscription site. Use small pieces of content here and there to tempt followers into subscribing.

Whenever you post a “free” post on AVN, it will show up on the AVN Explore feed, which means all AVN users can see it, like it, and comment on it. Which is how you can do free marketing within the AVN platform via free posts.

The Explore tab is also a great way to start seeing some activity on your profile. Engage in other content creators and they will engage back! I don’t know how many fellow Domme followers and support I have simply from interacting with their posts on the Explore tab.

4. Plan your content. – I don’t know about you, but many of us don’t have time to be creating content on a daily basis. If you do – then great! But if you’re like me, my suggestion is to shoot your photos/clips once or twice a week and then slowly release it all through “queueing” or scheduling your posts to release throughout the week. I know your excited to show it all off, but releasing all your content within a day is only hurting you in the long run! Stretch it out to make sure your dropping posts and quality content on a daily basis.

5. Retain your subscribers! – now that you’ve been successful in gaining some subscribers, it’s important that you attempt to retain those customers and keep them subscribing month after month. Here are a few tricks to try and retain those customers.

COMMUNICATE! Get your subscribers talking, engaging, make them feel they are part of something. This helps you get an idea of what kind of posts are most popular as well and what you may want to save in the future for pay to views. Ask questions in your posts to try and prompt comments and replies! (example: asking what your next nail color should be, or punishment ideas for a bad sub, it could be anything that suits your brand)

Reply to your messages! Especially if they’re a paying customer, implementing a pre-written initial message to each new follower or subscriber is always a great way to break the ice and possibly list some of the services you provide ect.

PTV’S- Pay to view’s are another great way to interact with your customers and make a great profit. Generally speaking, your pay to views should be some of your best content, as subscribers pay for each message ADDITIONAL to their subscription prices. The nice thing about AVN as well is you can send PTV’s to not only your subscribers but also the free followers. This gives you a larger pool to market your PTV’s too. (Make sure to hit the “Exclude all AVN Stars” toggle when sending out mass PTV’s just to avoid spamming your fellow content creators). Setting PTV tiers as well allows you to get a better feel for your customer base (&their financial states) by sending out a variety of PTV dollar amounts. Small files at $1-$5, medium at $10-$15, and large at $20-$50 or whatever ranges you determine. The idea is to create ptv’s that are accessible to most price ranges.

6. Take advantage of the newest feature on AVN, the AVN Clip Store! If you are part of IWantClips or ManyVids, the AVN Store is a great place to feature your clips. Not only is it another income stream but at 80% payout rate its one of the highest clip payouts in the game (as compared to most at 60%). Use your “free” post features to promote all new clips added as well.

7. Once you have a decent following, another great feature is the “story” option similar to snapchat. It allows snapshots of your daily life/posts and allows you to “highlight” your favourite story posts for customers to view even after the “story” has expired. There are also settings for this feature that you can adjust so all stories are viewable to everyone, only followers, or only subscribers. So the options on how you use it are up to you!

There is also the “GO LIVE” feature as well, which again is more useful once you have a bit of a following. This feature allows you to stream live on your AVN profile. This is a great source to use to further interaction and communication on your profile. When choosing to live stream, you have the option of streaming to subscribers (paying customers) only, followers only, or everyone on the AVN platform.

Streaming to “Everyone” can be used as promotion and marketing to create a buzz about your page. Otherwise, streaming live is a great addition to provide to those who actually pay for your subscription. It can be used as another “bonus” for signing up to your AVN. During live streams, members that are actively watching the stream live can message you as your streaming, allowing for conversation and questions with your customers, very effective in making your profile feel personal to your clients.

I hope these tips help you get started!

Can’t wait to see you killing it!

xx Goddess Shawna

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