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A Shawnaholic Clip Update

I plan on making more time to be consistent with clip uploads! It's been a while since I've been able to drop two clips per week & I really want to get back into the rhythm I hope you gooners are ready for lots of Shawnaholic content!

Some of my new fetish content:

"Pawn Your Wedding Ring"

It's so obvious you're already deeply obsessed with me, but today we're going to take that worship to a whole new level. It's time you truly proved yourself to me, I need to know I'm the top priority in your life which means there's no longer time for wifey. So what better way to solidify your new role as my homewrecked cuck, then by pawning off that round symbol of love? I really don't care whether you tell her you pawned it or lie and say you lost it- the real task is in handing that ring over to a collector just so you can receive that fat stack of cash to send to me. She's always deserved better anyways, so it's actually quite humane when you think about it- what's marriage anyways? It's just a contract, a barricade in your situation, something stopping you from living the beta life you know in the back of your mind, was always meant for you. Truly, I'm doing you a favor, because once that ring is pawned and the cash is sent to me, you're FREE.

"Step-Sis Catches You in the Shower (SPH)"

I need to get ready for my date, but you, my step-brother, seem to be taking your sweet time in the shower, so you leave me no choice other then to bombard you in the bathroom to hurry up. While doing that however, I get a glimpse at what you consider your sad excuse for a cock. Shock and disgust overcomes me as I tease and taunt you about your teeny tiny shrimp dick. Saying that you couldn't be a boy with an overgrown clitty like that, making you compare the size of your dick to that of my pinky. I'm NEVER going to let you live this down, and unless you want our step-parents and everyone we know, knowing you've got a pinky pecker, you're going to do whatever the fuck I tell you from now on!

"Your Money Makes Me Horny"

Weak little beta bitches yearn for something or someone to come along and put them in their place, to abuse and use them exactly how She wants. Let's get one thing straight, I don't care about you- or your disgusting cock. It's your MONEY that gets my attention, it's your MONEY that makes my pussy wet. My insatiable greed turns you on and you can't help but give me exactly what I want. When that big cash sum hits my account, it's like butterflies in my stomach and the rush of adrenaline through my veins , not to mention the throb in my clit or fact that it makes me drip. Knowing how your money makes me feel only heightens the thrill, it makes it feel so personal using your cash to pleasure me, the only way you could ever accomplish such gratification and fulfillment.

Find them HERE:

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