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Retweet Game

Retweet games involve a sub committing to paying a Domme a set amount for each “like, retweet, and comment” a Domme's tweet gets. 

Send a $30 deposit and message me to play! All rates welcome.

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Two Truths & A Lie

Learn more about your Goddess! I'll give you three options, two truths about me and one lie. With each incorrect lie guess, you'll owe $10. 

This can be as many rounds or games as you'd like. Send a $10 tribute and message me to play!

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Blackmail Timer Game

1. Click on link below

2. Fill in your email

3. Fill in mine:

4. Fill in all your deepest darkest secrets and any embarrassing pictures or videos you may have. 

5. Select "Random" next to the timer 

6. Dance with the devil and hope that email never sends...


Findom Tribute Wheel

Spin this wheel & then send whichever sum the spinner lands on as tribute

Findom GiftCard/Suprise Wheel

Spin this wheel and send the amount and tribute type to shawnanight@ or via my "TRIBUTE" page. 

Humiliation/Degradation Wheel

Send a $15 Tribute to Spin. Once Tribute is received, I'll have you spin via team viewer or skype. $50 bitch out penalty/to spin again. 

Ballbusting & CBT Wheel


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